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Enderby’s Top 4 Markets

  1. Open Air Farmer’s Market is our summertime Farmers’ Market. Join us on Friday mornings between April and October for fresh fruits and vegetables
  2. South Enderby Flea Market is just the place to find that little trinket you didn’t even know you wanted!
  3. Kingfisher Community Farmer’s Market opens its doors every Wednesday morning in July and August
  4. Buy direct from the farm producers at Mabel Lake Farms, Green Croft Gardens, Widmark Farmacy, Farmer Johns, and Dalarose Greenhouses.

Top 10 Reasons to Shop Enderby’s Markets

  1. Freshness — most food was still in the ground the day before it heads to market!
  2. Locally grown — our food hasn’t travelled so far to market — reducing its carbon footprint!
  3. Better taste — have you tasted a strawberry or blueberry picked just that morning? It’s like Mother Nature’s candy!
  4. It’s good for you! Food that lingers a long time between field and table loses its nutritional value with every passing day!
  5. Custom sizing. You don’t have to buy 5-lbs of potatoes if you only need a couple!
  6. Clean and safe. Organically grown, pesticide free, fresh baked with no preservatives — think of all the things you’re missing from your diet by shopping and eating food from the farmer’s market!
  7. Free exercise! You can race through a grocery story, but really, when you go to the Pedestrian Market all you want to do is take your time and take it all in…more steps equals a healthier you!
  8. Fun for the whole family! Listen to music, chat up an artisan and connect with the folks that grow your food!
  9. The thrill of the hunt…for great food, one-of-a-kind collectibles, unique crafts or the perfect tomato!
  10. Sealing the deal — bargaining is half the fun of shopping at the markets!

Browse endless stalls for unique collectibles, taste just baked treats and fresh-from-the-farm produce, listen to local artists busking in the streets, strike a deal and discover a shopping experience unlike any other in our markets and at our farm gates, where handmade, homegrown, and one-of-a-kind are the order of the day.

Treasure Hunting — South Enderby Flea Market

Uncover treasures at the South Enderby Flea Market — some locals think of it as our rustic version of the mall, but it’s exactly where you’ll find that one-of-a-kind, didn’t know you needed until you saw it trinket.

You’ll find the warren of 20+ tents on the south side of town, right along the highway. Reminiscent of exotic bazaars it’s open every day between April and October, and it’s where you’ll find new and used collectibles, vintage and handmade clothing, rare and not-so rare books and so much more.

Begin your treasure hunt with a warm bannock breakfast at Cree-Ators then let the rummaging and bargaining begin! Enjoy the thrill of the hunt, and when you find that piece you just can’t resist, try your hand at haggling — half the fun of flea market shopping is in making the best deal you can.

Outdoor Markets — Fridays — April to October

If you like meeting the farmers who grow your food, chatting up artisans who’ve handcrafted jewelry, listening to music while you squeeze the tomatoes or simply soaking up the sun while you shop, then our Open Air Farmer’s Markets is for you!

Open seasonally on Fridays from April to October you’ll find the cream of the crop at the Markets where 30+ vendors sell fresh from the field asparagus, still wet with dew, sweet, ripe strawberries you can smell, long before you see them, blueberries grown, picked and baked into pies, homemade sauces and jams, pickles and breads, eggs that were laid that morning! Tame your appetite for fresh produce, then conquer your sweet tooth with a cinnamon hug or fresh baked cookie.

Indoor Market – October to December

The Enderby Winter Market runs Fridays from October to December at the Splatsin Community Center. Explore the beautiful craftsmanship of the Spatsin Community Center while exploring the craftsmanship of local vendors.

You’ll find local veggies, eggs, meats, honey, arts and crafts, baked goods, and so much more! Meet your friends, enjoy a coffee, and local entertainers!

Fresh from the Gate — Farm Gate Sales

If you can’t wait until Friday’s market you can always go straight to the source. Green Croft Gardens in nearby Grindrod grows organic vegetables and they’re happy to sell right from their farm. Make an appointment then meet them at the gate for the freshest vegetables you’ll ever find, short of digging them out of the dirt yourself!

Head out to Widmark Pharmacy on Mabel Lake Road for fresh fruits and vegetables – the best medication is fresh.

If you love fresh flowers, but missed the Friday market, check out Ashton Creek’s Dalarose Greenhouse for stunning arrangements sure to brighten your day.

Go to the Source for Dairy

Farmer Johns Market has locally produced goods from creamy ice cream, local meat, farm raised eggs, and everything in between- a one stop shop for everything you need. The certified SPCA farm – one of three in British Columbia, has Robotic Dairy Barn Tours. Meet the cows and see where your dairy products come from. Farmer Johns Market is open May to October.

Direct from the Growers — Mabel Lake Farms

And if the idea of a big bowl of blueberries with cream gets your taste buds tingling, then head straight to Mabel Lake Farms where three generations have been growing blueberries just ripe for the picking. Pick them yourself between July and September, or buy bushels of berries and fresh-baked pies at their coffee shop and market. If you’re looking for more than just blueberries explore the Farmers Market at the Kingfisher Community Hall where Enderby’s growers gather every Wednesday morning in July and August selling just harvested fruits, vegetables and handmade crafts.

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