Fishing — Angling the day away

Top 5 Spots to Fish Near Enderby

  1. Mabel Lake for Dolly Varden, rainbow trout, Kokanee and Chinook
  2. Hidden Lake — Troll or fly fish for rainbow trout that can reach up to 7-lbs
  3. Baird Lake — Small Rainbow trout up to 2-lbs
  4. Gardom Lake — Family fishing at its best — angle for Brook and rainbow trout
  5. The Shuswap River — Spring, Kokanee and Sockeye salmon from July to September, whitefish and rainbow trout year-round.

There’s something incredibly rewarding about tying a fly to the end of a line and dangling it in the water, listening to the leaves in the trees, angling the day away, waiting for something (anything!) to bite!

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a quiet fishing hole where you can catch mountain whitefish, sweet fresh-water trout, Kokanee, Steelhead and Chinook. We’ve got plenty of water, some fairly inspired scenery and even more breathing room, not to mention an abundance of trophy-size fish. Ice fishing in winter, shore fishing in spring and fall, lake and river fishing all summer long…fly, lure or stringer, it doesn’t matter how and when you fish, only that you do!

Simple is Best

Simple rigging is all you’ll need when angling the Shuswap River and its smaller estuaries. You’ll want to brush up on the regulations of river fishing before heading down to the river. Bring along a BC fishing license, a lure, some leader, a bobber and a cast, and you’ll be standing in our cool, clear waters, testing your skills against a real fighter in no time. Even if you’ve never tied a fly, fishing isn’t out of your reach — just stop in at a local tackle shop before you head out — they’ll set you up with all the gear you’ll need and even fill you in on where the fish are biting!

Start a Family Tradition

Angling is one sport that knows no age limit — if you have the patience to wait for a bite then you can be a fisher. Start your family fishing traditions at Mabel Lake, where, whether you’re on the water or by its shores, you can be baiting hooks and helping little hands cast for two-pound Kokanee, enjoying quiet moments together, teaching new skills and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Winter or Summer, Spring or Fall

Fishing isn’t just a summer sport around here — in fact, some of our lakes are busier in winter than summer with anglers fishing for eight-pound rainbow trout or the elusive mountain whitefish.

There’s perhaps nothing more Canadian than slipping and sliding your way across a frozen lake, drilling a hole, dropping a line and waiting for something to bite! Gardom and Hidden Lakes are a prime ice fishing spot. Once the ice comes off between March and April, you can find eager folks fishing for Dolly Varden right along the shores.

The Miracle of Salmon

Watch the annual migration of salmon returning to their spawning grounds on the Shuswap just east of Enderby in Kingfisher. Witness one of Mother Nature’s miracles swimming against the current, returning to their home. Watch the waves from the fish go up the glassy water surface or see the shadows of the salmon dance under the bridge. You can catch the run between July and October and, every four years, you can catch the really big show when the salmon run quadruples in size!