Hiking — A Walk You'll Long Remember

Enderby’s Top 10 Hiking Trails

  1. Hike the full circuit of the Enderby Cliffs for a two-to-three-hour muscle burning climb
  2. Meander Mabel Lake’s “Changing Rainforest” — a gentle one kilometre hike through a second-growth rainforest of western cedar, hemlock and Douglas fir
  3. Trek the Ashton-Brash Trail in the Hunters Range for a treasure hunt of colour during wildflower season
  4. Uncover LaForge Trail from Noisy Creek leading you to the Mt. Mara Lookout, a two-hour hike to one of the last remaining fire watch towers in the Shuswap-Okanagan Region
  5. Ramble Larch Hills Nordic Trails featuring 125-kms of walk-in-the-woods escapism
  6. Wander through a forest of old-growth trees on the Gardom Lake interpretive trail. Paddle your canoe to the two islands in the lake for a stroll on their trails
  7. Find Hidden Lake for an easy hike along its shores
  8. Start at our Visitor Centre in downtown Enderby and stroll your way along the Jim Watt Heritage Walk between Belvidere and Riverside Parks
  9. Meet the folks from the museum and pick-up the self-guided historical walking tour of town and discover Enderby’s heritage
  10. Take a family friendly walk at Kingfisher Interpretive Centre, in the heart of the interior rainforest

Hiking 101

Playing in the great outdoors is not without its challenges! Here are some tips to stay safe while out exploring Enderby and our backyard:

  1. Always tell someone where and when you are going
  2. Remember, some trails are not maintained — use at your own risk
  3. Many trails are accessible only by active logging roads — 4-wheel drive required
  4. Watch for wildlife and avoid those areas with signs of black and grizzly bears and cougars
  5. Check with the experts to make sure trails and roads are safe

Scale a mountain or climb a cliff, hiking trails are varied and easy to find around Enderby. Explore mountainside meadows abloom in wildflowers, stroll right alongside the river, reconnecting with nature. From Hunters Range to Mt. Mara Lookout, the Enderby Cliffs to Larch Hills or along the River Walk, there are countless trails that will lead you on a walk you’ll long remember.

Enderby Cliffs

If you’re an adventurous hiker then head straight to the Enderby Cliffs, the landmark ledges looming like sentinels above the valley. Trek 2,200 vertical feet to the summit winding your way in and out of birch and old-growth Douglas fir trees. Master the middle section with its steep elevation gain, you’ll feel each step in your quads and knees, but carry on climbing; you’ll soon begin to catch glimpses of the summit — teasing you into thinking it’s just around the corner. Tread along sub-alpine meadows, listening, as the music of songbirds becomes the soundtrack to your hike.

It’ll take you two to three hours to reach the summit where the views will take what’s left of your breath away. Sweeping vistas reveal a patchwork quilt of farmer’s fields beneath your feet. The little red dots you see in the distance are farmers on tractors, working the land. Take a seat and drink it all in, watching the Shuswap River wind like a ribbon through the valley, curling its way to Mara Lake, knowing the views you’re enjoying can only be seen by those hungry enough to work their way to the top.


Hunters Range and Mt. Mara Lookout

Spend a leisurely day (or more) exploring the Hunters Range, stretching from the Enderby Cliffs to Mt. Mara Lookout, where you’ll find the last remaining fire lookout station in the Okanagan-Shuswap region. Connect with family, friends and Mother Nature exploring rolling hills and blooming alpine meadows, encountering the occasional ATV or horseback rider along the way.

Forest Service Road Access

Choose your trail…gently sloping mountain meadows on the Ashton Brash Trail for a leisurely hike, or, something a bit more adventuresome: the LaForge Trail from Noisy Creek to Mt. Mara Lookout — high above the alpine at 7,400 feet. Forestry Service Roads lead to both trails from Mabel Lake Road so one note of caution — four-wheel drive is a “must” on these rugged, backcountry roads.


Larch Hills Trails

When winter releases its snowy grip, Larch Hills Nordic Trails become the perfect spot for a family hike or a leisurely stroll along 125-kilometres of well-trodden trails, just 20-kilometres west of Enderby in Salmon Arm.

Listen to the rustle of larch and aspen and the call of songbirds filling the air. Hemlock, cedar and pine needles line the paths and the scent of the trees lingers as you brush past, revelling in moments of beauty that can easily be found when you’re wandering the woods.

Multi Use Trails

Don’t be surprised if you cross paths with others as you make your way to one of three log cabins that serve as trail shelters. Larch Hills is a multi-use recreation area, where you’re likely to encounter mountain-bikers, horseback and ATV riders and more than one friendly dog on canine trails created for man’s best friend. Give way, share the trail and create a connection with nature you’ll long remember.

Jim Watt Heritage River Walk

Steal a moment in nature any day of the week; take a stroll along the Heritage River Walk between Belvidere and Riverside Parks, meandering from the Visitor Centre alongside the Shuswap River into the heart of downtown. It’s the perfect place to dust off your cobwebs, take a moment in nature watching beavers gathering branches, turtles and wood ducks sunbathing on logs. Settle in for a spell on a riverside bench and watch eagles performing an aerial ballet while fishing the river, and realize that even the shortest break outdoors will lift your spirits.

Shuswap Trail System

Explore the whole region, one trail at a time! The Shuswap Trail System features a wide selection of trails for all abilities.