Cycling — Roadies Rejoice!

Our Top 4 Cycling Loops

  1. Follow the Shuswap River as it winds its way to Ashton Creek along the Mabel Lake Road
  2. Cycle the Enderby-Grindrod Road and discover Baccata Ridge Winery — the perfect spot for a picnic lunch and a sampling of this year’s vintages
  3. Cruise Canyon Road to Deep Creek Road then head north toward Salmon Arm. Stop at Gardom Lake and check out Bald Eagles and Painted Turtles
  4. Country roads may take you home, but here, they take you to the Back Enderby Road past farmer’s fields and grazing horses

Enderby Cycling Routes

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If you love nothing more than hitting the open road, saddled up on your bike, cruising back roads then meet up in Enderby, we have some of the best cycling routes in all of British Columbia right in our backyard!

There’s no better way to explore than on a bicycle with the wind in your face, sun on your back and nothing but open road ahead. You see things differently when you’re clipped into your bike pedals — things like hunting hawks floating overhead, grazing llamas by the side of the road or the way wild roses creep right to the edge of the forest. Pastoral is the best way to describe the scenery around here, century farmhouses built from Enderby brick, freshly plowed fields waiting to be planted, the music of songbirds floating in the breeze and grazing Morgan horses nod and whinny as you cycle by.

Choose Your Loop — Road Cycling

Pedal your way across the Shuswap Highlands travelling in the shadow of the Enderby Cliffs and Hunters Range. One of the easiest rides is the Back Enderby Road, starting just south of town. Its (mostly) flat terrain is the perfect training ground to find your stride in the saddle. Locals say it’ll only take one or two hours to finish this loop, depending on how distracted you become by the scenery!

The Agricultural Loop

For something a bit more challenging but no less scenic, cycle the “Agricultural Loop”. A full quad workout, you’ll climb the foothills of Canyon Road before heading north along Deep Creek Road toward Gardom Lake. Wave at grazing buffalo and llamas as you ride by, or rest your legs with a visit with Herb at the Deep Creek Tool Museum — you can’t miss him, he’s the guy with the 20 foot reel lawn mower sitting out front.

Okanagan Shuswap Century Ride

Gear up for the Okanagan Shuswap Century Ride, one of the first cycling events held on the last weekend of May. Ride alone or with newfound friends through rolling countryside on both the 14- and 56-kilometre routes starting in the village of Armstrong. For something a bit more character-building ride the full 100-kilometre circuit to Salmon Arm and back again. You’ll be reminded of how lucky you are to be cycling through such inspired landscapes with each corner you turn and each hill you climb.

Get Some Mud on Your Tires — Mountain Biking Larch Hills

Quiet country roads and respectful drivers might make our back roads perfect for road cycling, but some of us like to get a little mud on our tires. When we do, we head straight to Larch Hills where winter ski trails transform into some serious mountain biking fun come spring. Over 125-kilometres of trails running through Larch Hills means there’s a knobby-tire trail for every level of rider from the very young to the young at heart! If you’re looking for more fat-tire fun, hook up to the Shuswap’s regional trails, the Rubberhead Trail, the Sicamous Switchback and the trails of South Canoe.