Enderby Cliffs — Stretch your legs

Top 10 Reasons to Hike Enderby Cliffs

  1. You won’t need to hit the gym! Hiking the Cliffs is a full glute, leg and cardio workout
  2. It’s easy to get to…so why would you pass it up?
  3. You’ll feel like the king of the mountain standing on the summit looking down on all the “little people”
  4. When was the last time you gave an eagle the eyeball?
  5. For bragging rights, of course! Gaining the summit isn’t for everyone
  6. For postcard perfect pictures — great vantage points are all along the trail, but some of the best are at the summit
  7. To get your bearings — looking down on the Shuswap decide which leg of the river you’ll swim after your hike
  8. To unplug from your everyday world and plug into nature’s soundtrack
  9. For the prospect of spying wildlife in the wild! Moose, bobcat, red-tail hawks, whitetail deer and martin all play on the Cliffs too
  10. To create unforgettable memories and form unbreakable bonds between friends or family

Stretch your legs and your spirit hiking the Enderby Cliffs. Watch Golden eagles float, suspended, eye-level with you, caught in thermal updrafts. Drink in the scent of hemlock and fir, climbing toward summits that seem just beyond reach. Picnic on a cliff-side ledge and unplug from the rest of the world, and you can discover what it really means to be the king of the mountain!

Enderby Cliffs

Enderby Cliffs are the protected area where the Shuswap Highlands meet the Okanagan Basin, and where some of our area’s most breathtaking views can be found. Looming like sentinels above the valley, this 50-million year old lava field was carved by time and glaciers into a stunning rock formation, more than your average hill, yet not quite a mountain; becoming one of the most popular and challenging hikes to be found in the Shuswap.

Journey to the Summit

Trek 2,200 vertical feet to the summit winding your way along a well-worn forested path weaving in and out of birch and old-growth Douglas fir trees. The first section of the trail is family friendly gaining only 650 vertical feet, leading you to The Shrine…the place where two paths are crossed and the spot locals pray to make it up and give thanks for making it down.

Master the middle section with its steep elevation gain, feeling each step in your quads and knees. You’ll soon begin to catch glimpses of the summit — teasing you into thinking it’s just around the corner. Tread along sub-alpine meadows of Glacier Lilies, Arrow Leaf Balsam Root and delicate Ladyslippers, listening, as the music of songbirds becomes the soundtrack to your hike.

Views from Enderby Cliffs — Breathtaking in More Ways than One

It can take between two and three hours to reach the top, and when you do reach the summit the view will take what’s left of your breath away. Sweeping vistas that stretch south to Vernon and north to Salmon Arm reveal a patchwork quilt of farmer’s fields beneath your feet. The little red dots you see in the distance are farmers on tractors, working the land. Settle, and drink it all in, watching the Shuswap River run like a ribbon through the valley, knowing the views you’re enjoying can only be seen by those hungry enough to work their way to the top.

Your cliff-side perch is the perfect vantage point for stunning photos or a quiet picnic. Remember to pack out what you pack in…the Cliffs are home to Grizzlies, Moose, Cougars and other creatures we want to keep wild.

Getting There

Travel the Mabel Lake Road until it connects with Brash Allen Road, turn left and follow the signs another two kilometres and you’ll find a parking lot and Enderby Cliffs’ trailhead. Bring plenty of water and even more bug repellent — you may be close to town, but you’ll soon be exploring the wilderness. Plan for a rugged hike — getting to the summit is rewarding, but not without the right equipment — walking poles are helpful and sturdy hiking footwear is a must!