Spring-Summer — The Call of the Outdoors

Top 9 Ways to Heed the Call of the Outdoors

  1. Make your way down the Shuswap and drink in the sights from a beaver’s point of view
  2. Challenge yourself to a glute-building hike to the summit of the Enderby Cliffs, you’ll be rewarded with some astounding valley views, not to mention a great workout
  3. Learn to fish at the Kingfisher Interpretive Centre, then find your perfect spot to cast your line and see what’s biting
  4. Paddle by canoe or kayak in search of Splatsin First Nation’s ancient pictographs hidden along the shores of Mabel Lake 
  5. Park the car and your blanket under the stars, catching the latest Hollywood blockbuster at the Starlight Drive-In
  6. Shoot the whitewater at Skookumchuck Rapids every spring for adrenaline spiked thrills
  7. Pedal our peaceful backcountry roads, in the shadow of the Enderby Cliffs, or get some mud on your tires at Larch Hills mountain bike trails
  8. Pitch a tent or bring the camper for a good night’s sleep in the great outdoors
  9. Explore our artistic side at outdoor festivals and riverside events all season long

Starlight Drive-In Theatre

Come visit Enderby between April and October and you’ll have a hard time staying inside. Warm weather just beckons you outdoors, to explore endless mountain trails, rushing rivers, fish-filled lakes and unhurried backcountry roads.

Our outdoor markets return with the warm weather and a whole flurry of festivals fill our calendars. The valley bursts with colour…in our fields and in the trees and the sky just seems bigger this time of year.

In a country known for its winter, spring and summer are a welcome sight. Days become longer, seeming to stretch on forever, enticing you to slow down and take it all in, one adventure-filled day at a time.

Hit the Road

If you love nothing more than hitting the open road, saddled up on your bike, cruising back roads, then meet up in Enderby; we have great cycling routes right in our backyard!

There’s no better way to explore than on a bicycle with the wind in your face, sun on your back and nothing but open road ahead. You see and hear things differently when you’re clipped into your bike pedals. Century farmhouses built from Enderby brick, freshly plowed fields waiting to be planted; the music of songbirds floating in the breeze.

Explore any of multiple rural cycling routes surrounding Enderby, or for biking with a bit more bite, head straight out the Larch Hills where 125-km of snowshoe and ski trails magically transform into knobby tire nirvana and mountain biking trails for every level of rider.

Scale New Heights

Scale a mountain or climb a cliff, hiking trails are varied and easy to find around Enderby. Explore mountainside meadows abloom in wildflowers, stroll right alongside the river, reconnecting with nature.

You can stretch your legs and your spirit hiking the Enderby Cliffs, Hunters Range, Larch Hills and Mara Lookout. Watch Golden eagles float, drink in the scent of hemlock and fir, climbing toward summits that seem just beyond reach. Picnic on a cliff-side ledge and unplug from the rest of the world. Discover what it really means to be the king of the mountain! No matter where you roam around Enderby, there are countless trails to lead you on a walk you’ll long remember.

Where Summer Memories are Made

Whether you’re looking to paddle pristine lakes in search of painted turtles, a weekend with the family playing and sleeping along sandy shores, or a quiet morning trying to land a Dolly Varden, our backyard river and surrounding lakes are where summer memories are made around here.

Set your compass in almost any direction and you’ll hit water. Plenty of lakes and one mighty river, means there’s lots of watery fun to be had. Fishing, paddling, floating, building sandcastles, or just sitting on the shore soaking up the sun – no matter how you spend your time, you’ll find plenty of room to spread out and play.

Hot Summer Days

One of the best ways to cool down from our hot summer sun is on the beaches at Tuey Park. Known to locals as Waterwheel Park, it’s tucked into the sandy banks where the Shuswap runs slowest. Spend your days building castles in the sand, swimming with the guppies in the slow running current, soaking up the sun from the middle of a sandbar, or splashing and floating an inner tube down the river – it’s all summer fun, no matter how you slice it.

Lazy Summer Nights

Get swept back in time to the lazy summers of your own childhood, where stargazing meant putting on your PJs and heading to the drive-in. We’re home to the Starlight Drive-in, the largest outdoor movie theatre in North America and one of only two drive-ins in all of BC.

Bundle the kids up in their PJs, play Frisbee or touch football while you wait for the show to begin…making new friends with the car full of kids in the spot right next to you. Snuggle under a blanket in the backseat of your car or outside on a lawn chair right under the stars watching the latest Hollywood blockbusters (just like you did when you were a kid), turning a night at the movies into a memory your kids will carry with them long after summer is gone.

Make an Event of It

We love to celebrate around Enderby, and no more so than in the spring and summer. Listen to a concert by the river, groove out on garlic, celebrate art in all its forms and let your patriotism show every July 1st. Experience the magic of a live performance, staged in the wilderness or along the banks of the Shuswap; celebrate creativity in every form at the  outdoor artisan market. If it seems like we have a lot to celebrate, you’re right! Check out our Events listings for the latest happenings around town.