Learn — Fuel Your Passion


Top 6 Ways We Make Learning Fun!

  1. Explore the great outdoors while learning to shoot photography like a pro with acclaimed Canadian Photographer and nature enthusiast Darren Robinson
  2. Master new skills and the river at learn to kayak clinics with world-class pros
  3. Get inspired while learning the art of farm and wool-crafts at Green Croft Gardens in nearby Grindrod
  4. Explore the living classroom, learn all about salmon, their habitat and the annual run at Kingfisher Interpretive Centre or during the annual “learn to fish” day each July.
  5. Learn the art of cheese-making at Birdsong Farm
  6. Explore your artistic side at seasonal painting and art workshops at the Courtyard Gallery

Fuel your passion, or find a new hobby at workshops and classes held throughout the year in farm kitchens, in the fields, along the banks of the Shuswap River, in the water, at dawn and at dusk. It’s easy to immerse yourself in creativity in Enderby…after-all, artists, artisans, crafters and hobbyists have been creating great works here for years!

Learn to Play with Light

Explore our great outdoors while you learn the fundamentals of photography with acclaimed Canadian photographer and nature enthusiast Darren Robinson, whose captivating imagery has inspired many a journey throughout Western Canada. Learn the basic rules of composition, how to master your camera’s controls and discover how to “read” then “play” with light to capture the most compelling shots you’ll be excited to show off on your Facebook page!

Photography Workshops

Intimate workshops with students of similar abilities take place both in the classroom and right in the field…on the banks of the Shuswap River or on the trails of the Enderby Cliffs at sunrise and sunset. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a hidden waterfall where Darren will share his secrets of transforming roaring torrents of water into soft, dreamlike landscapes.

There’s no need for expensive equipment — a good DSLR camera, tripod, sturdy hiking shoes and inspiring subjects are all you’ll need to create imaginative imagery just like the pros.

Farm Craft Workshops

While inspiration can easily be found photographing the Enderby Cliffs and the Shuswap River; a little less known, but equally inspired are the farm craft workshops offered at Green Croft Gardens, in nearby Grindrod where farmer, sheep shearer and master of all things organic, Gabriele Wesle, teaches workshops in wool craft throughout the year.

Explore the farm, meet the Icelandic sheep that have donated their coats, learn how they’re shorn and why their wool is best for making slippers, felting rugs and knitting hats. Get to know your fellow crafters and tuck into farm-baked bread and hearty soup lunch while Gabriele shares stories of life on the farm. Discover how easy it is to take raw materials and transform them into one-of-a-kind creations you can proudly take home.

Learn to Paddle Where the Pros Learn

Not all workshops are about creating art…some, like the Learn to Kayak clinics, are about mastering new skills, catching some thrills and achieving personal goals, all under the direction of world-class pros. Enroll in half- and full-day workshops and you’ll come away knowing how to read and respect the river, how and when to paddle and when to just let it ride.

Your river kayaking course begins on the lake where still water makes learning about your boat, how to roll and exit just that much easier. Master those techniques and graduate to river classes where you’ll learn to roll and paddle in moving water, reading the current and surfing its waves. A few trial runs and you’ll be ready to tackle swirling whitewater in the class II to III Skookumchuk Rapids in no time!