Most Popular Sports to Bet on in Canada

Canada is one of the top sporting countries around the globe. Because of the diverse sports, from hockey to rugby, bettors have numerous wagering opportunities throughout the year. Here is a closer look at the most popular sports in Canada to bet on and why online casino sites are the best sports gambling option. Many sites have proven that as a fact and more keep coming up. The gambling industry is ever-changing so that is why we must also try to keep up with the new operators coming in. At the link, we provided you can find bonus codes for slot games that you can enjoy at your own leisure.

The Most Popular Sports in Canada

  • Hockey: Canada has made a name for its great contribution, especially in ice hockey games. The game is highly competitive, and Canadians consider it "their own” because it was invented there. To wager on hockey, you can opt for the moneyline bets that target the outright winner, or over/under bets that target the goals scored. You can also go for puck line bets, point spread bets, or parlay bets.
  • CFL Football: This is a professional sports league and the highest level of football competition in Canada. The league features nine teams from different Canadian cities. To bet on CFL football, you can go for moneyline bets where you back a specific team to win or use total bets that focuses on the number of points.
  • NBA Basketball: NBA is a basketball league in North America. It is one of the famous sports and is played by 30 teams from the US and Canada. To bet on NBA basketball, you can focus on the outright winner (money line) or wager on the points (handicap bets) that different teams will get.
  • Soccer: Soccer is one of the highly popular sports in Canada. Professional soccer is played in the United Soccer League, Canadian Premier League, and Major League Soccer. By September 2019, the women and men national soccer teams were ranked 7th and 78th, respectively. To bet on soccer, you can opt for moneyline (match bet) that targets a specific team to become the outright winner. You can also use single bets that involve placing a single bet or combine several bets for multiple bets. Others include first goal bets, first scorer bets, and last goalscorer bets.
  • Cricket: This is another fast-growing game in Canada. It is a bat-and-ball game played by two teams of eleven players each. The game takes place on a field featuring a center of the 22-yard pitch and a wicket on each side. To bet on cricket, you can opt for match betting where you back one of the teams to win. You can also go for tied match bets where you predict the teams to end on a tie.
  • Slots:Yes, we know slots are not really a sport, but these games are the favorite hobby of many Canadians. Check out this site to read more about these games, and find out which slot at Spin Palace has the highest RTP (Return to Player), where you have the biggest chance to win prizes.

How Does Sports Fans Bet Online in Canada?

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